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Life is a never ending journey - Arima, Japan • Nov 2017.

So.. it was totally a died site after 3 posts per year for the past 2 years, and a big zero in 2017. Most posts are either during the beginning of a year or end of the year, and obviously, writing is still one of the most difficult tasks to be achieved, as it’s on the top of the most wanted new year resolution ever since I started the site.

I have a slightly different view for the new year resolutions this year, considering I’ve partially failed some of them (not all fortunately!), the list of resolutions is gonna stick for years to come:

Stay fit - It was something I’ve been doing on 2017, so it shouldn’t be an issue for me this year as well.

Overcoming procrastination - This is a little bit tricky because I’m still procrastinating nowadays, but I read somewhere that if you’d just give the task you should be doing a 5min, and you’ll eventually finish the task down the road. I somehow think this method should work, will report back the result :)

Read (a lot) more books - I’ve been reading a lot of articles on the web and phone, time for more books too - a more quality source.

Be a creator, start by writing - There’s an article I’ve been reading talking about how being a creator would greatly improve yourself as a whole than merely consuming what others have created. Kind of agree on this and will definitely give it a try.

New technical skills - Yea, this is a must. Might be looking into some machine learning stuffs.

Lastly, 2017 was pretty much a roller coaster ride for me, many things happened in an unexpected way; whether they are good and bad. I’m glad that I am still appreciate my life as a whole, and energetically to look for the next adventure. The pains and the joys shall not be forgetten, and the life continues…